Buddhist Monk Praises EFT

Here’s an excerpt from a letter written by a Buddhist monk who was recently introduced to EFT:

This [EFT] is very likely a tool I’ll be using for the rest of my life. In all my years of learning various meditation techniques, studying healing systems, self-development methods, plus the wide array of methodologies I’ve been exposed to during my training in Psychology and Human Resources Management … I’ve never come across anything as potent as EFT for rapidly diffusing complex emotional problems and associated physical issues. In fact for dealing with specific emotional issues (e.g. phobias, addictions, grief etc.) it’s probably a more appropriate tool than meditation.

PS: It’s somewhat unusual for a Buddhist monk to be recommending a transformational tool that wasn’t explicitly taught by the Buddha. I venture to do so only because I’ve found that EFT has the potential to significantly reduce psychological and physical suffering. It does not promise Nirvana or Enlightenment (at least I don’t think so!). It does promise freedom from debilitating negative tendencies … and delivers fast! And to that extent perhaps it is congruent with the Buddha’s teachings that aim at the complete ending of all suffering.

Nyanasanti Bhikkhu

If you are interested in being free from the distraction of physical or psychological pain you can learn EFT in the next 10 minutes and start experiencing the positive benefits of EFT in your own life with our quick start EFT eBook & Step-by-Step EFT MP3s. 

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EFT & Worrybusting 101

Many coaches advise dealing with worry by getting a piece of paper and writing a list of your worries down the left side and then making a column to the right and listing the worst case scenario for each and every one of those worries. This exercise is supposed to help put things in perspective and get us feeling better.

I don’t know about you, but I have a pretty vivid imagination and, if I’m not careful, I can imagine a “what’s the worst thing that could happen” scenario in glorious technicolor! Once I’ve got a nice big bright image of said imagined disaster, I can usually get my heart rate up a bit, start feeling anxious etc etc

A lot depends on our present state of mind when we do worry busting exercises. The trouble with worry is that it can be contagious and magnetic too. What do I mean by that? It’s quite simply really, once we start worrying about one thing, it’s easy to worry about a load more. One worry sticks out like a magnet and other worries drift along and stick to it like a bunch of iron filings. In my experience, that does not help me get things in perspective, and it doesn’t get me feeling better!

The neat thing about Emotional Freedom techniques (EFT) is that it turns off the magnetic pull of anxiety instantly. EFT gives true perspective, EFT turns down the brightness of any worrisome imaginings of disastrous outcomes and it  also gets your resources and coping skills back on line fast.

That’s why EFT is my number one tool for worry-busting.

How do you use EFT to stop worry and anxiety?

It’s easy 🙂

Hop over to our EFT the basics page and try it for yourself. Just pick a statement – something like “Even though I’m worried sick about…” should get you started, then follow the steps and tap the sequence through and start feeling some relief. Don’t be scared to get specific about your concerns, EFT works wonders on specific aspects of anxiety, the more thorough you get, the better you’ll feel.

If you want to get really serious about using EFT for relief from anxiety pay our EFT eBook page a visit and find out how you can be an EFT wizard in just 10 minutes!

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EFT & the Last Straw

Did you ever hear the saying about the straw that broke the camel’s back? Here’s a snip from Wikepedia that sums it up:

The idiom the straw that broke the camel’s back is from an Arab proverb about loading up a camel beyond its capacity to move. This is a reference to any process by which cataclysmic failure (a broken back) is achieved by a seemingly inconsequential addition (a single straw). This also gives rise to the phrase “the last straw”, used when something is deemed to be the last in a line of unacceptable occurrences. A variation of this idiom is “the straw that broke the donkey’s back”.

One of may favourite uses for EFT is tapping away straw. By using EFT’s simple self-help acupressure sequence I keep myself straw free daily. My theory being, that if I brush the straw off as and when it heads for my back, it won’t get to pile up and there won’t be a last one that will break me.

More and more, research is pointing the finger at stress as being a major cause of disease in our lives, it affects us both emotionally and physically, it affects our work, our families – everything. And the more it piles up, the worse it gets, until before we know it we’re weighed down with the stress straw and our back starts to give!

Learning EFT is incredibly easy, and using EFT for a quick stress busting session takes just a couple of minutes. Why not learn EFT now and enjoy being able to shrug stress off before it piles up and has you living like a camel with a back problem?

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Jon Gordon Endorses EFT for Reducing Stress

Energy expert Jon Gordon recommends EFT in his latest Energy Tips ezine as a way to reduce stress. Here’s what he has to say:

Learn more about EFT-It is a new technique developed by Gary Craig that incorporates acupressure and the principles of acupuncture to help clear emotional blockages and help energy flow through your body. Yet unlike acupuncture you can practice EFT on yourself. I have been hearing about the benefits of EFT from countless numbers of people and have experienced benefits with it myself.

You can learn EFT here

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In Search of Happiness with EFT

Thousands and thousands of people the world over are living with depression daily. One of the keys to lightening the load, according to depression counsellors, is to regularly find and immerse yourself in happy memories from your past. Unfortunately, there are some among us who’ve had such a rough start in life that it’s very hard to find a single good experience to call forth and sink into.

There are several ways to deal with this. My personal favourite is to use EFT for a dash of treasure hunting.

You can try set-up statements like:

“Even though I don’t have any happy memories…”

“Even though I can’t remember one single good thing about my childhood…”

“Even though I can’t recall a happy time…”

Of course, these are just my random prompts to give you an idea of how to start. Ideally, you should use your own words, play with my examples and see what works best for you, or better still, listen in to yourself and find your own words and feelings on the matter. What would you say if I asked you to recall a happy memory right now…? Those are the words you want to be using in your set-up statement.

How does this work to get some happiness in your life? It’s simple really. EFT smoothes out the glitches that prevent positive recall of a good experience. It’s unlikely that there isn’t a single simple moment of happiness in there somewhere – and EFT is a great way to dig it up and give it a polish. And why just settle for one? Using EFT regularly is a great way to increase your happiness and shine up your memories and emotional treasures.

Don’t waste your days in a swamp of sadness, get clued up with EFT and get feeling better now…

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EFT & Reclaiming Simple Pleasures

All this faced paced, high tech living is bringing with it an array of problems and challenges that simply didn’t exist 50 years ago. My suspicion is that we’re getting swamped with doing more bigger faster and better and missing out on the little things in life that are actually essential to our core stability and satisfaction.

When was the last time you stopped to breath in a sunset, or kicked off your shoes to walk on some cool soft grass, paid full on attention to your child with no time limit, sat and stroked a pet for half an hour or so, or laughed out loud with a friend?
These are examples of the simple things in life that are passing us by. We’re too busy for them, but we’re suffering as a direct result. Everyone wants to be happy, everyone wants to feel satisfied with their life, but the trouble with a fast paced lifestyle is we get caught up in a loop of anxiety and quick-fix pleasures.
In America the numbers of people addicted to shopping (and shop lifting), sex, alcohol and gambling are on the rise. Why? People are looking to feel better, to escape, to grab some pleasure. But they’re going about it all wrong and trying to snatch at fleeting moments while they’re all caught up in a life that resembles a rinse and spin cycle!
We need to slow down. And we need to shake of the illusion that pleasure comes from winning on a fruit machine or buying your 59th pair of shoes.
The next time you’re too busy to embrace one of life’s sweet and simple pleasure’s you could try a quick spell of EFT self-help.
“Even though I’m too busy too…”
“Even though I have to shop to feel good…”
“Even though… what…? What distraction do you turn to to get out of your head and try and find some pleasure or diversion? And what simple natural pleasure could you find instead?
EFT stops anxiety and can set your free from compulsive or addictive habits, it’s easy to learn and easy to use, and it can get you back in touch with the good things in your life.

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Free Podcast: EFT & the Acupuncture Connection

EFT & Acupuncture Podcast  EFT & the Acupuncture Connection

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